When to Start?

Both the Australian and American Orthodontic Societies recommend an orthodontic assessment by the age of 8 years and a referral is not required.

Early examination allows the orthodontist to plan treatment to obtain maximum improvement with the least time and expense. In many patients, early treatment obtains a result that would not be possible once the jaw and face have finished growing. Early treatment often involves orthopaedics which involves the use of simple, often removable, appliances.

If early treatment is not indicated, more comprehensive treatment is usually carried out once most of the permanent teeth have erupted at adolescence and this usually involves the use of fixed braces.

We have a child-friendly waiting area suitable for toddlers to teens and a comfortable space for grown ups to catch up on their reading. There is also a dedicated ‘brushing area’ equiped with tooth brushes and paste so that you can brush once you have arrived for your appointment.