On your first visit

Dr Underhill or Dr Liong will examine your teeth and bite and will discuss the orthodontic problems in detail with you. Should treatment be indicated at this stage, x-rays and photographs will be obtained, your treatment plan fully explained and costs finalised.

We will clearly explain your need for treatment, what your treatment involves and how to get the best results. One of our practice goals is to ensure our clients are fully informed and comfortable with their treatment plan.

You will also receive a detailed letter explaining your treatment plan. This will include the item numbers and a quotation for your approval before we commence treatment.


Deposit and interest free instalments

Payment plans are available with monthly interest free instalments that are spread over the duration of your treatment.


Review appointments

If treatment is not indicated at this stage, a review appointment may be recommended for a later date – this is quite common in young children. There is generally no charge for review appointments.