Dr Christine Underhill and Dr Medy Liong

About Us- Specialist Orthodontists in Sydney  

Welcome to our specialist orthodontic practice located at Edgecliff in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and at Martin Place in the City.

 We value the importance of communicating with our patients so that they feel well-informed, confident and comfortable with their treatment. Our aim is to create a beautiful healthy smile and a happy and confident patient.  

We cater for all ages – whilst specialising in early treatment for children, there are a wide range of treatment options available for adults. The practice employs the most advanced techniques and modern appliances designed to achieve the best results in a minimum of treatment time.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialist area of dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tooth and jaw irregularities. Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfectly aligned teeth and a good jaw relationship with aligned facial bones. In fact, the majority of people develop some kind of ‘malocclusion'- malalignment of the teeth and jaw bones, many of these will benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Facial bone relationships often contribute to poor tooth position and treatment can be directed at influencing these bony structures. 'Orthopaedic' treatment aims to bring the teeth, lips and jaws into the correct relationship in order to achieve good facial balance and harmony.

'Braces' treatment provides a means of precisely applying a gentle pressure to the teeth which respond by moving into the desired position. Remarkable improvements can be obtained during the course of the treatment plan to obtain a fabulous, healthy smile.

Why is Orthodontics important to you?

An attractive smile is a great asset and can be very important for one’s self confidence. Numerous studies have shown that people respond more positively to someone with a nice smile, so a great smile is an investment!

Teeth can develop in a poor position for many reasons. Malaligned and crowded teeth can cause problems, not just in appearance but also in function and health. This can increase the risk of dental disease, cause excessive tooth wear and also a number of gum, jaw joint and other problems including chronic headaches and neck pain. Correcting poor tooth and jaw alignment therefore has many advantages as well as the obvious cosmetic benefits.